In every industry there is one organization that stands above the rest:

One that attracts the best people;
One that consistently exceeds every expectation;
One that is most respected by the community;
One that sets the standard for innovation, commitment, and performance.

It is INTECH’s mission to be that one organization.

Our Values

We believe strongly in the importance of safety, excellence, diversity, community, and sustainability in all of our projects.


All INTECH superintendents are 30-Hour OSHA and CPR/AED/First Aid certified, and all INTECH project managers are 30-Hour OSHA certified. We provide ongoing safety training to ensure OSHA compliance and to regulate enforcement. Our safety program is designed to empower our employees with an active role in sustaining and improving safety, with the goal of eliminating all accidents from our projects. Under the guidance of INTECH’s Corporate Safety Director, a site-specific safety program is developed for each project.

Quality & Excellence

INTECH works collaboratively starting in Pre-Construction to make sure that intelligent teamwork results in a high-quality building. We educate Trade Contractors during the bidding and award process so that they understand the level of quality, detail, and expectations that will be required for each project. In the field, INTECH’s team reviews work daily to spot and solve problem areas early and keep projects on track to achieve a high level of quality for each and every Owner.


Diversity and inclusion are at the core of INTECH’s culture and strategic focus. Our culture respects the individual perspectives of our colleagues and business associates without regard to race or ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, physical ability, socio-economic status, education, religion, gender, gender identity, age, parental status, or marital status.

In 2003, INTECH Construction became the first Philadelphia-based construction firm to employ a dedicated Diversity and Community Manager. Today, INTECH’s leaders continue to actively work with staff at all levels to discover, develop, and maintain inclusion efforts in every aspect of our operations.


We are part of a larger community, and INTECH’s success is a direct result of the synergy created through strengthening the communities of Philadelphia. Residents and businesses in the diverse communities surrounding our projects are also considered to be INTECH clients, and they are important to us beyond just business relationships. Our goal is to leave each community better and stronger than the way we found it.


INTECH is dedicated to constructing buildings that provide both short- and long-term value to our clients while also increasing the wellbeing of their users. We are committed to using construction techniques that minimize the consumption of energy and natural resources, and enhance and protect the natural environment.

INTECH leads project teams in managing construction waste, ensuring good indoor air quality during construction, and enforcing on-site management of sustainability practices and the use of approved materials.

Sustainable News – Winter 2019

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