In every industry there is one organization that stands above the rest:

One that attracts the best people;
One that consistently exceeds every expectation;
One that is most respected by the community;
One that sets the standard for innovation, commitment, and performance.

It is INTECH’s mission to be that one organization.

Our Values

We believe strongly in the importance of safety, excellence, diversity, community, and sustainability in all of our projects. INTECH’s commitment to these guiding principles and policies involves:

  • A safety program at the core of every project, designed to empower our employees with an active role in sustaining and improving safety, with the goal of eliminating all accidents from our projects.
  • A collaborative Pre-Construction effort to ensure intelligent teamwork results in high-quality construction and excellence from all team members.
  • A commitment to promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality within our office culture and our projects, and maintaining these topics as central to our strategic focus.
  • A connection to the larger community in which we live and work through outreach efforts and project integration.
  • An effective sustainability practice that ensures our construction techniques protect the natural environment and the communities in which we work.

Sustainability Critical Concepts

INTECH is committed to challenging the way we think about the built environment. Our construction management professionals are active participants […]

INTECH Corporate Brochure

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