INTECH understands that the provision of healthcare services is a round-the-clock activity for hospitals, clinics, and related facilities.

Our INTECH team has extensive experience collaborating with design teams, facility staff members, and healthcare end users. By understanding operational priorities in or near our work under construction, we can ensure minimal disruption to the most critical activities.

Our team’s technical experience ranges from work in Operating Rooms and Suites to Research Laboratories. We have worked in Radiology Departments, Oncology Clinics, Sterile Processing Departments, Cardiology Departments, Emergency Rooms, and Dialysis Suites, to name a few. Each healthcare setting has its challenges and priorities, and we listen closely to our clients in order to plan the best path forward for each project.

INTECH also has extensive experience working with support staff in a variety of departments within hospitals, including Environmental Services, Corporate IT, Security, Facilities/Physical Plant, and Administrators. Including a large team of stakeholders in the project planning ensures that no detail is overlooked and important operations can continue.

Beyond the execution of each individual project, INTECH also has a clear understanding of how to work closely with hospitals’ internal divisions including Infection Control, Regulatory Staff, and Safety Managers. Our collaboration with these critical components allows us to support our clients during each project to obtain all necessary inspections and surveys.