Design/Build transforms the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance that fosters collaboration and teamwork.

Advantages to Design/Build include improved communication between teams, an increased level of interdisciplinary fluency and transparency, and significantly better budget control. The owner can expect a fixed budget earlier in the design process, with far less risk of budget creep during the evolution of the design. By having a single source of responsibility for both design and construction, an owner can mitigate the risk of delays and claims that impact the cost and delivery of a project.

INTECH has a talented group of professionals on staff capable of overseeing a Design/Build project with the ability to speak the language of design as an essential part of their collective skill-set. Their expertise in the means and methods of construction fosters a productive dialogue with the architect and the other design consultants in the evaluation of suggestions and alternatives, and their sensitivity to what constitutes good design assures the owner that quality is not a secondary issue to cost.