Size: 24,000 SF
Client: Zoological Society of Philadelphia
Architect: CLR Design

The Primate Reserve was designed to give the appearance of an abandoned logging mill in the tropics that has been reclaimed by conservationists and primates. Further, the exhibit large viewing areas give the illusion that the animals and people may cross paths at any time.

The primates in the former exhibit died in a tragic fire, making the installation of a state-of-the-art fire and smoke suppression system even more important. In addition, separate HVAC systems were designed for the public and animal areas to minimize the transmission of airborne respiratory diseases. The three-acre outdoor exhibits feature barrier-free viewing, and throughout the exhibit the animals have many items on which to exercise and play.

The complexity of the building systems and building structure would have been difficult in and of themselves. But the need to maximize the exhibit draw during the peak months at the Zoo greatly constrained the schedule. It also was vital that the animals occupy the building in stages for quarantine purposes, so the effective construction time was reduced by nearly two months. The project was further complicated by the absolute need for public safety during construction, as construction traffic and public pedestrian traffic often intersected.

“INTECH played an important role in the creation and success of the PECO Primate Reserve. Your efforts permitted the public events celebrating the opening of the PECO Primate Reserve to take place as scheduled. For INTECH’s efforts, we are appreciative.”

Peter G. Gould Chairman The Philadelphia Zoo

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