Size: 10,000 SF
Client: East Park Leadership and Conservation Center
Architect: DIGSAU

In the almost 70 years since Fairmount Park’s East Park Reservoir was shut down, the basin and its shores were slowly reclaimed by nature. Migrating birds called the reservoir home each year as they traveled south down the eastern seaboard. Now the Discovery Center calls the reservoir home.

The Discovery Center is funded by the non-profit East Park Leadership and Conservation Center, a joint initiative between the Audubon Society and the Philadelphia Outward Bound School. The new building serves as a leadership development center designed to re-engage the community with nature. Overlooking a 37-acre decommissioned reservoir, the wood frame structure features exposed wood trusses, a climbing wall, and etched bird glass to remain friendly with reservoir wildlife. The Discovery Center serves as a gateway for public access to the vibrant natural environment.

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